The Story Of Our Hidden House

In 2001, after six years of seeing their catering company grow and succeed, Betty and Denise knew it was time to expand. As they began searching for a larger catering kitchen, they stumbled upon what could only be described as a hidden gem - a beautifully converted 1920’s bungalow on a rare quiet, neighborhood street hidden in the heart of Hollywood. With the confidence of most successful entrepreneurs, the duo took the leap and signed the lease with the initial goal of growing their catering business. But that didn’t last long.


Almost immediately, their new neighbors began dropping by and asking when they’d be opening their new restaurant. And whether it was their entrepreneurial spirt surfacing again, or just naivety about an industry where 90% of new restaurants close within a year, the pair asked themselves that all important question. “Why not?”


19 years later, with tens of thousands of guests benefitting from their decision, GRUB went on to become a Hollywood mainstay – known for its signature, award-winning California Comfort Food served with a smile in a unique, relaxed environment where the bustle of the city is a million miles away.   


Grub Restaurant is gone, but the Grub Gals have reinvented their hideaway into a charming space for fully catered, private events for guests to experience a touch of history and magic now known as Hollywood’s Hidden House.  


With original hardwood floors, twirling ceiling fans and large vintage windows opening up to a beautiful, private, outdoor patio with twinkling lights, holding an event at Hollywood’s Hidden House (aka HHH) feels like a celebration in a friend’s warm and welcoming home. Available for all types of social gatherings between 10 to 100 guests, HHH is far more than just a run-of-the-mill event space. It’s a destination.


And as it is with their off-site catering, the Grub Gals work closely with clients to create singular events, down to the smallest details, to help insure both hosts and guests enjoy a memorable experience in Hollywood’s Hidden House.


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